Civil Constructed BWWTP

The civil constructed plants are designed and constructed mostly for large flow industrial and housing development applications. The plants are aesthetically pleasing as they are constructed underground and can be covered with vegetation. The plants are entirely civil designed and constructed to meet exact civil engineering requirements.

Product Overview

  • Standard Flow Range of 10 Kl to 5 Ml per day (larger plants can be designed on request).
  • Completely civil constructed system.
  • Depending on contours and invert, plant can either be constructed below or above ground.
  • Plants are mostly gravity fed, depending on invert levels and contour levels. The plant incorporates all phases of the treatment process.
  • All mechanical equipment is installed in a brick constructed control room.

Product Advantages

  • Civil construction can be subcontracted to local contractors to reduce construction cost.
  • Provision for easy plant expansion through simple modular and common wall construction.
  • System can operate without electricity for 48 hours (dependent on whether plant is gravity fed).
  • Effective alternative where no municipal connection is available.

Civil Constructed BWWTP Typical P & ID

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