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Our Build-Own-Operate model ensures cost saving and a secured water supply.

What is a Build-Own-Operate Contract?

SewTreat will manufacture and install a treatment plant at no cost to you after which repayments are made for the plant over a 10 year period at a predetermined rate for every 1000L used – similar to the way in which you are billed for municipal water per KL used. SewTreat handles the complete construction and installation of the plant for you.

Build-Own-Operate Water recycling facilities

SewTreat offers long-term, full-service contracts with Build-Own-Operate (B-O-O) contracts – a cost effective way for you to benefit from SewTreat’s water recycling and treatment technology.

The cost of water

Water is becoming a very scarce commodity and water costs will keep on escalating!

South Africa is an arid country with unpredictable weather patterns and droughts are becoming more prevalent, severe and prolonged. This does not bode well for the future as more than 90% of the water resources are already allocated while the population is continually increasing. In addition to these challenges, municipal treatment plants are, in most cases, out-dated and under strain which means that water quality and quantity cannot be guaranteed.

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The Advantages of a B-O-O contract

Water security

No business can operate without water. The treatment of water on-site ensures security in water availability; this is the core of the B-O-O model. The cost of not having access to water is in many cases devastating and unaccountable. Reliance on Municipal, borehole or storage dams can be reduced significantly, in certain cases reliance on any outside water source can be eliminated completely.

Cost Savings

Failing municipalities increase the water and sanitation rates constantly to mitigate the shortfalls experienced. In many areas, such as the Western Cape, rates have been substantially escalated to such an extent that by entering a B-O-O contract with SewTreat you will save money from day one, because the onsite treatment rate is significantly lower than the municipal rate. SewTreat offers better rates for water treatment than municipalities. Therefore you will start saving money from day one, which has direct effect on your net profit. Costs associated with the risk operational of operational downtime due to non-availability of water will also be eliminated.

Quality Assurance

The process is designed and operated to comply with pre-set qualities and SewTreat is measured against them. If the water quality is not up to requirements, then you as a client simply won’t pay for the water. Failing water supply infrastructure is a serious concern in terms of the quality of water being distributed. SewTreat provides professional technical operators such as chemical engineers to operate our plants, guaranteeing the final water quality

Peace of Mind

Maintenance and ensuring optimal efficiency of the installed plant will be done by the SewTreat team on a continuous basis. All maintenance, consumables, operators and quality management is managed by our qualified onsite technicians. The integrated control systems, provision of qualified operators and our commitment to exceeding the highest HSEQ standards ensures worry-free operations and that you as client have minimal responsibility for the plant. SewTreat also takes steps to mitigate plant failure. An app-based system alerts SewTreat’s chemical engineer of any failures or trips, prior to availability being an issue. In addition, our systems are designed in parallel allowing technicians to single out faulty equipment, by-pass faulty equipment or replace equipment while the system stays operational.

Industries we serve

To cut water costs and ensure a fixed, reliable quota and supply, SewTreat offers both biological and mechanical water treatment systems installed onsite to re-use and recycle effluent from nearly any source. This includes rivers, boreholes/wells, lakes, oceans, waste and industrial processes. We treat water from these sources to produce water for boiler feed, semi-conductor manufacture, food process, drinking purposes, industrial processes and other applications.

Industry Description
Black and grey water is collected, biologically treated and then mechanically filtered for re-use in cooling towers, irrigation and pools.
Housing Developments
Black and grey water is treated to irrigation or drinking water standard.
Treatment of sewage to process water.
All effluent is collected for biological treatment and mechanical filtration and is then re-used for washing and cleaning purposes. The water is treated to drinking quality standards.
Black and grey water is treated for re-use for flushing toilets and irrigation. Effluent and waste water can also be treated to drinking quality standard.
Industrial effluent can be mechanically treated for re-use in processing.

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