SEWTREAT’s clarifiers are intricately engineered and tailored to effectively manage the distinctive challenges associated with water sources featuring heightened levels of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), pronounced turbidity, and an elevated metal content that necessitates oxidation processes to facilitate efficient settling.

These clarifiers serve as an indispensable primary step in water treatment processes, effectively reducing the workload imposed on subsequent filtration stages. The selection of conical shape clarifiers for smaller applications and lamella clarifiers for larger applications underscores our commitment to providing technically proficient and professionally engineered solutions for water clarification. By integrating our clarifiers into your water treatment infrastructure, you can expect improved water quality and the optimization of your overall treatment process, ultimately contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and compliance with water quality standards.

Product Description

  • Range from 100 KLPD to 15 MLD.
  • Clarification is beneficial for water sources such as dams and rivers, but also for effluent and industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Clarification effectively eliminates suspended solids, including dirt, debris, and particulate matter, from the water.
  • Protect downstream equipment, the clarification process reduces the risk of equipment fouling and damage in downstream processes, such as pumps, pipes, and filters.

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