SewTreat offers two types of DIY plants, namely above ground installation or below ground installation. Both plants are constructed off-site at our facility, commissioned and fully tested. The above ground system is our most cost effective offering and can be installed with minimal excavation and construction. The below ground installation is more aesthetically pleasing, but needs excavation and civil works which makes it more expensive.

These plants are a very cost effective alternative solution to septic tanks and soakaways allowing the client to re-use the final treated water. These plants are designed for small applications such as households, lodges and small commercial and industrial applications. The DIY Range offers the client the opportunity to install the system themselves which also provides a capital saving.

Product Overview

  • Standard Flow Range of 600 l to 10 Kl per day (larger plants can be designed on request).
  • Plants are installed below ground.
  • Plants are gravity fed (subject to invert level of incoming pipe).
  • No civil work is required and the plants are easily installed.
  • All mechanical equipment is installed within the plant so there is no need for enclosures or equipment control rooms.

Product Advantages

  • Effortless expansion can be done due to the modular construction.
  • Most cost effective system for low flow applications.
  • Installation can be done by the owner (DIY) or by SewTreat.
  • Plants are aesthetically pleasing due to underground installation.
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