Ion – Exchange


SEWTREAT employs ion exchange technology across several applications within water treatment. This method is instrumental in selectively extracting undesirable ions in water and replacing them with more desirable counterparts. Its extensive utility includes water softening, where it effectively mitigates water hardness attributed to elevated levels of calcium and magnesium ions, as well as pH correction. In addition to water softening, ion exchange finds relevance in wastewater treatment by proficiently targeting the removal of nitrates and ammonia, further enhancing water quality.

Furthermore, the technology’s versatility is harnessed for the elimination of heavy metal ions from water sources, thus addressing potential environmental and health concerns. In the context of desalination, ion exchange is adept at purifying brackish water by selectively eliminating unwanted ions. Ion exchange has proven to work for various water treatment processes and forms part of SEWTREAT’s wide range of water treatment solutions.

Product Description

  • Range from 1 KLPD to 5 MLD.
  • These plants can be installed either on a skid, in a fiberglass control room or refurbished container, depending on preference and the size of the treatment plant.
  • Io-Exchange is beneficial when used for selective ion removal.
  • High recovery and lower operational costs than membrane filtration.
  • Ion exchange systems can operate continuously without frequent membrane replacement or cleaning, which can be a benefit in certain industrial processes.

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