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SewTreat have developed products and services to embrace our customers’ operating environments and the ongoing demand for environmentally, socially and financially sustainable solutions. SewTreat offers turnkey services which incorporate consultation, design, manufacturing, installation, construction and operational support to our clients and thus ensuring legal compliance irrespective of the requirement.








What You Need to Know About Your SewTreat Product

The SewTreat range of BWWTP requires minimal maintenance due to the simplistic design. On commissioning, your chosen staff on site will be trained in the daily and weekly maintenance of the plants.

Daily and weekly maintenance tasks will include:

  • Checking and cleaning the inlet screens for inorganic build up (where applicable).
  • Checking the electrical supply to the plant to ensure that no components have tripped the power supply and resetting the system if required.
  • Checking that all mechanical components (pumps, blowers, disinfection systems) are operational.
  • Checking of sludge levels and general efficiency of the plant.
  • Ensuring that sufficient levels of bacteria liquid are maintained.

Although maintenance can be done by the client it is strongly suggested that the client enters into a maintenance contract with SewTreat to ensure that the plant operates at optimal performance and that final water quality is within design specifications.

SewTreat’s maintenance services include:

  • Regular water sampling by an accredited independent laboratory.
  • Maintenance of all mechanical components.
  • Testing that air input performs to design requirements.
  • Comprehensive plant inspections.
  • Provision of fully documented reports including water analysis results and findings during maintenance.

All electrical control panels are automated and use the highest quality switchgears. As standard the panels are equipped with indicators showing run/trip that makes it easy for the operational personnel to identify failures and problems.

GSM telemetry can also be installed as an optional extra to client requirements and an interface can also be supplied to monitor plant performance remotely and reset any faults from the remote location.

SewTreat has designed an online platform to live track the operation of the plant and so the client has full access to this site if the GSM monitoring option was chosen. This ensures proactive management of the wastewater treatment plant. All lab results, mechanical performance and flow rates are easily accessible by our clients.

Smaller plants normally require 220 Volt and larger plants 380 Volt supply. Solar options are also available in areas where electricity is not available.

Electrical reliability and control instrumentation are imperative to the efficient operation of WWTPs. SewTreat have implemented the GSM Monitoring Unit which provides real time reporting and alerts on electrical outages, pump failure and on results from other measuring equipment that might have been included such as DO meters.

The GSM Monitoring Unit is built into the control panel and allows the client to have real time information on the status of all mechanical and electrical components of the system. SMSs can be sent to the system enquiring about the status of each pump and the unit will reply via SMS providing the pump status, allowing clients to respond immediately to any issues that may arise.

Alerts include:

  • Mechanical equipment on/off
  • Electrical outages

These features are included in the maintenance package and will be linked with the SewTreat online tracking website which offers the following measurements and updates:

  • Tracking operational run time
  • Real time updates on plant status
  • Access by the client to status
  • Setting of alerts (Priority 1 – 3)
  • Portal for analysis input for record purposes

Added bonuses include:

  • Runtime graphs
  • Water result graphs
  • Real time access to WWTP electronics

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