Water Security : The Next Big Thing



Numerous sources, including News 24, Carte Blanche, The Conversation, and reports from Cape Town, have consistently highlighted a pressing issue facing our cities: the existing infrastructure is struggling to meet the water demands of the rapidly growing population.

This challenge is not a recent development; the decline in infrastructure efficiency and the resultant compromise in water security have been concerns for some time now. Frequent water interruptions and the imposition of ridiculously high-water tariffs by municipalities such as Ethekweni, Cape Town, and Johannesburg raise critical questions about the resilience and adaptability of businesses in these conditions.

Sewtreat is committed to supporting a diverse range of clients, including buildings, mixed-use developments, residential properties, commercial properties, and breweries, by employing decentralised units to facilitate water reuse.

Our approach encompasses three core strategies: borehole water treatment, rainwater harvesting, and wastewater treatment.

In certain specialized situations, alternative solutions such as process water treatment and treatment of water from dams or rivers are also provided.

These options are considered on a case-by-case basis, extending our portfolio of services to accommodate specific needs and scenarios that may arise.

We provide a flexible solution by offering a combination of these three treatment optionsor focusing on a singular method, depending on which is most applicable and beneficial for the client.

This tailored approach is designed to deliver four key benefits, ensuring our clients receive the most cost-effective and practical solution.


Our core focus is directed towards water users with a daily consumption exceeding 30 kiloliters (KL). The accompanying graphs illustrate the distribution of water usage across different categories, specifically highlighting the percentage split among residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings.

The data is important for understanding the consumption patterns within our primary target market and aids in tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs of each sector effectively.



Cost Savings – The current water and sanitation rates offered by the municipality is very high, with an increase of over 13% year on year in some areas. SewTreat offer better treatment rates than the municipality offers, thus the client saves money from day one, which is direct effect on net profit. The ROI is between 1 – 3 Years and the monthly savings up to 60%.

Quality Security – The Sewtreat process is designed and operated to comply with pre-set quality parameters and SewTreat is measured against them. If the water quality is not as per design, then the client simply don’t pay for the water.

Water Security – The treatment of water onsite ensures water availability; this is at the core of the SewTreat product offering. The reliance on Municipal, borehole or storage dams are reduced significantly, in certain cases reliance on any outside source can be eliminated completely. The cost of not having access to water in many cases is devastating and unaccountable. We provide security in water availability.

Peace of Mind – SEWTREAT will maintain the plant and ensure plant efficiencies will be monitored on a continuous basis. All maintenance, consumables, operators and quality management is done by qualified onsite technicians. The integrated control systems and the qualified operators ensure that no responsibility is placed on the client.

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